Abdeslam El Khamlichi

Abdeslam El Khamlichi

Rabat, Morocco


Professor of Neurosurgery at the National Center for Rehabilitation and Neurosciences at the University Hospital Center of Rabat, Morocco.

He is Honorary President of the WFNS, and Director of the WFNS Rabat Reference Centre for Training African Neurosurgeons.

He is Honorary President of the CAANS, and founder member of the World Academy of Neurological Surgeons. He is involved in many international societies and was Visiting Professor at various universities all over the world.


His fields of interest are pituitary and sellar region tumors, vascular surgery, functional neurosurgery (epilepsy surgery and Parkinson surgery) and radiosurgery, CNS infections, spinal surgery, training in neurosurgery, neurosurgery and public health in developing countries.