Bo Norrving

Bo Norrving, born Feb 23 1951, is professor in neurology at Lund University, Sweden. He graduated from Lund University in 1975 as MD, received his Ph D in 1981, followed by post-doc periods at the Cerebral Blood Flow Lab (Bob Ackerman) at MGH, Boston from 1985 to 1993. His research activities have focused on stroke epidemiology, stroke syndromes, small vessel disease, ultrasound, neuroimaging, clinical genetics, clinical trials and organisation of stroke services. He was corresponding author of the Swedish Aspirin Low-Dose Trial (SALT) published in The Lancet 1991 as the first trial to demonstrate the benefit of low dose aspirin therapy for the prevention of stroke. This paper was included in Vintage Papers from the Lancet which compiled facsimiles of 222 of the most important papers in the Lancet from 1823 to 2005. He was a pioneer in introducing assessment of cerebral hemodynamics by blood flow techniques, clinical syndromes of cerebellar stroke and lacunar infarcts, the importance of silent small vessel disease in the brain, and the recognition of dissection as a major cause of stroke in the young. He introduced cerebrovascular ultrasound examinations in Scandinavia in 1978. He co-authored the 1st large study that demonstrated the effect of aspirin on the prevention of colorectal cancers. He is chair of the steering and publication committees of SIFAP, the worlds largest study on stroke in the young, and a member of steering, safety and endpoint committees of several seminal clinical trials (e g PRoFESS, SPARCL, PERFORM, RELY, ROCKET-AF, ACTIVE, AXIS, NOTION, SOCRATES). He was a founding member of the International Stroke Genetics Consortium. He is involved with quality register and health economic research, and the EU funded European Implementation Score (EIS) project.


Bo Norrving has authored >250 publications in the stroke field, including co-editorship of “Subcortical Stroke” published by Oxford University Press (1st ed 1995, 2nd ed 2002), and editor-ship of “Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases” Oxford University Press (2014). The latter book will also be published in Chinese.


He was a European Editor of Stroke 2005 to 2010, and is currently Senior Consulting Editor for the journal. He is Associate Editor of of Neuroepidemiology and Consultant Editor for International Journal of Stroke. He has reviewed applications for research grants for several large donating bodies like Fondation Leducq (member of Scientific Advisory Committee), INSERM, Wolfson Foundation, Wellcome Trust and the German Research Foundation, and he is chair of the Scientific Council at The Swedish Stroke Association. He has been active in the production of the Swedish National Guidelines for Stroke and the European Stroke Organisation Stroke Guidelines.


He is a founder of Riksstroke (The Swedish Stroke Register), the world’s 1st national stroke registry, and is current chair of the register. He is a member of the International Advisory Committee of Stroke Outcome Research Canada (SORCAN), External Reference Group Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Stroke Programme, International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) stroke working group, Melbourne Brain Centre Scientific Advisory Committee He chaired the WHO/European Stroke Council Steering Committee for the Implementation of the Helsingborg Declaration,1997 - 2006 and played a key role in the WHO/ISS/ISIM 2nd Helsingborg declaration European Stroke Strategies 2006.


He is a honorary member of the Swedish Stroke Association, Hungarian Stroke Society, Indian Stroke Society, Sri Lankan Stroke Society, Austrian Stroke Society, and the Polish Neurological Society.


He is a founding member of the European Stroke Council 1990, served as general secretary 1996-2000, and on the board of directors 2004 – 2008. At the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) he was vice president 2008 – May 2010, and member executive committee June 2010 – 2013. He has been a member of the program committee of the European Stroke Conference: 2002-13, and co-chaired the 2009 conference in Stockholm. He was a member of program committee of the International  Stroke Conference of the AHA/ASA between 2011 and 2014. He chaired the European Federation of Neurological Societies Stroke Scientists Panel 2004 – 2011 and was a member of EFNS Teaching Course Committee 2009 – 13.


He was a member of the European Stroke Initiative (EUSI) steering committee 2005 - 2008, and he was the general secretary of the International Stroke Society/World Stroke Organisation, 2004-2008. He is a member of the World Federation of Neurology Education Committee since 2013.


He is member of the advisory group for revision of ICH-11 for neurological diseases at the World Health Organisation, and Chair of ICD-11 Cerebrovascular Diseases Working Group. In this work, all cerebrovascular diseases has been merged to form a single block under the section of Diseases of the Nervous System, and precise definitions of terms and codes have been included.