Andreas Roumbas

Andreas Roumbas, Cyprus.



He was born in one of the most beautiful villages of Cyprus Phini on 17th of October 1963.

He finished Gymnasium in Mitsi Gymnasium Lemithou and then Lyceum in Omodos in 1981.

After that he got a scholarship for the medical university of Belarus.

He finished medical university in 1989 with a high degree and he was elected for post graduated studies.

He was involved in Laser Surgery in 1992.

In March 1995, he successfully received   Ph.D Degree.

He then went on to practice in Germany and U.K.

At the end of 1997 he returned to Cyprus to start his own practice.

Today he has close relations with a lot of Government and non Government Organizations regarding Laser Applications and Photomedicine.

He is the Medical Consultant of a lot of laser organizations and manufactures

Furthermore, he was elected as a Member of New York Academy of Sciences in 1998.

He is the owner of Laser Clinic in Cyprus and since 2012 he is working with several clinics in Russia.

He also practices in Laser Therapy since 1986 with CO2 and then with other lasers like Nd: YAG, Er: YAG, Alex, KPT Technology Fractional and non Fractional machines. 

He is one of the first doctors which they started work with Fractional lasers and MPX systems in cosmetic surgery.

 He is an Executive Member of the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT) and Founder of World Academy of Laser Applications (WALA).

He was a Chairman of Organizing Committee of 6th International Congress of World Association of Laser Therapy(WALT) in 1996 which was organized in Limassol Cyprus.

Many times per year he attends seminars and he is invited around the world as guest speaker for medical congresses.

He is the author of more than twenty clinical researches in general and cosmetic surgery.

He is the editor of lots of laser books: Proceedings of 6th International Congress of WALT.

He has a lot of publications in Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology.

Other Activities:

President of Cyprus Weightlifting Federation

Vice President of Cyprus Paralympic Committee


He is affiliated with:

Professional Medical Education Association (PME)

National Council on Laser Excellence (NCLE)

Elegant Training

The North America Association for Laser Therapy

European Medical Association for Laser Therapy 

Member of Executive Committees of WALT and WALA