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12 March 2019
Abstract submission is complete
“Botkin readings”
07 March 2019
Abstracts submission deadline
“Botkin Readings”
07 March 2019
Открыта предварительная регистрация на Научно-практическую конференцию
«Нейромониторинг в анестезиологии и интенсивной терапии: от фундаментальной нейрофизиологии к клинической практике»
07 March 2019
Deadline for accepting applications for reports, abstracts and articles has been extended
"Actual problems of HIV"
06 March 2019
Продолжается прием тезисов, заявок на представление клинического случая и заявок на доклад
XIII «Saint Petersburg Dermatological Readings»
05 March 2019
Accreditation by CME
“Prevention of recurrent fractures in osteoporosis. Clinical reviews”
04 March 2019
Preliminary conference program is published
“Cardiothoracic Radiology”
27 February 2019
List of conference speakers is published
“Prevention of recurrent fractures in osteoporosis. Clinical reviews”
26 February 2019
The conference is presented to the commission on the system NMO
"Topical problems and innovational technologies in anesthesiology and emergency medicine"
25 February 2019
Abstract digests “Botkin readings 2018” and “Days of rheumatology in St. Petersburg 2018” are included in RSCI
“Botkin readings 2018”
21 February 2019
the preliminary registration for the Forum of Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologists is opened
Forum of Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologists of Russia (FARR)
21 February 2019
Pre-registration is closed
"Managed and other socially significant infections: diagnosis, treatment and prevention"
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