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Cheese-making, sheep breeding and goat breeding

23 July 2018

Dear colleagues!


We invite you to participate in the section «CHEESE-MAKING, SHEEP BREEDING AND GOAT BREEDING», within the educational program of the agricultural and agro-industrial block.


Degustation milk and cheese, departure to OOO SPH «Katumi» with mutton degustation, master-classes on cheese making, presentation of enzymes and ferments, rules and features of milking, reproduction and ultrasound.


Moderator: Taisia Dmitrieva, author of the first Russian hairless sheep meat "Katumskaya", created in the North-West region of Russia, leading specialist OOO SPH «Katumi».


Information about conference, science program, lecturers and terms of participation in the exhibition on the website:


The participants of the forum have the opportunity to book a room in the hotel "Saint Petersburg" at special rates:  See more