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Event dates: 13-14 March '14

Number of participants: 100

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Dear colleagues,


All-Russian Prosthetists and Orthopedists Guild unite specialists in the field of orthopaedics, prosthetics, and rehabilitation of physically disabled persons.

All-Russian Prosthetists and Orthopedists Guild Bulletin is the official bulletin of our Guild and the only professional journal in this field in Russia. By now, 54 issues of this journal have come off. All the members of the Guild receive this bulletin by direct mail 4 times a year, as well as social and health regional committees, all orthopedic workshops and enterprises throughout Russia. Lots of individual and collective subscribers get the journal.

We are sure that the information about your company and especially, its production will be of great interest both for private specialists, manufacturers, and dealers. We hope that professional level and graphic art of published materials will satisfy the requirements of the companies. All the articles are provided with English abstracts.

The editorship of the journal is pleased to suggest you publishing your advertisement in our edition, which is read by practically all Russian orthopedists, prosthetists, and specialists in the field of rehabilitation.

If you have never seen our bulletin, we can send it at your address.



Colored page A4        EUR 500


Special proposal:

Colored page A4 in the 4 issues EUR 1600*


Pictures should be presented with 300 dpi resolution.

If the above information is attractive to you, please contact the editorship: 


Phone/fax: +7-812-380 3152/3

Contact person: Natalia Lyapunova 


We will be glad to make available all additional information.



With best regards,

Tatiana Chernova

Project Manager