Prosthetists-Orthopaedists Guild was founded in 1997 as a regional department and acquired the status of the All-Russian in 2002. Now it numbers 530 members and includes 53 regional departments in 78 cities of Russia. Medical professionals constitute the majority of members (above 50%), including both working for prosthetic-orthopaedic enterprises, orthopedic centers, and clinics of the Ministry of Health (orthopaedic and trauma departments, regional hospitals etc.).


The main guidelines of activities

  • assistance to professional improvement of specialists
  • promotion of up-to-date technologies
  • development of international professional contacts
  • assistance to relations with city and state federal authorities


From its foundation, the Guild have been participating in organizing and running the annual Russian National Congress “People & Health”, international orthopaedic schools (INTERBOR, SICOT, ISPO), organizing participation of the Russian Guild members in the international orthopaedic events (Leipzig, Budapest, Dusseldorf, Madrid ). Since 1999 the Guild has been  issuing a quarterly professional journal “Vestnik Vserossijskoj Gildii Protezistov-Ortopedov” (“Bulletin of All-Russian Prosthetists-Orthopaedists Guild”) and assisting in publishing research works on prosthetics and orthotics.


The Guild has participated in the organization of the first in Russia “Functional Home” – a permanent exhibition of rehab facilities and equipment for independent living of aged and disabled people. This Russian-Finnish project is working at Occupational-Rehabilitation Center in Saint Petersburg. Functional Home gives a unique opportunity for social workers, physicians, and persons with limited abilities to learn the new developments in rehabilitation industry.


The All-Russian Prosthetists-Orthopaedists Guild works in close cooperation with the Russian ISPO NMS.