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ESOR Asklepios Course. Advanced Oncologic Imaging

Event dates: 30 September - 01 October '16

Number of participants: 90

Event venue: Advanced Medical Technology Education Center, 138, bld.9, Orenburgsky Trakt, 420064 Kazan Russia​



Please be informed that registration for the Course will be closed on September 18, 2016


The course is designed for last year residents and recently board-certified radiologists. It is aimed at familiarising attendees from Russia and the CIS countries with recent advances and practices in oncologic imaging, as well as at creating an interest in subspecialisation related to the respective field of radiology. A multimodality imaging approach to a wide spectrum of neoplastic diseases, including head and neck, lung, liver, pancreas, small bowel, colon, prostate and pelvis is presented. The role of current imaging criteria and their limitations to assess treatment response of such tumours will be additionally reviewed. European experts in oncologic imaging ensure a high quality of teaching programme combining lectures and interactive case discussions.

  • to present an update on current imaging protocols for the detection of some of the most frequent/important neoplastic diseases
  • to learn more about the most important imaging features of such tumours and to understand the clinical relevance of imaging to patient management
  • to explain the clinical significance of early tumour detection and the necessity for accurate staging, modern oncologic reporting for appropriate therapy planning and correct estimation prognosis


The course is organized with support of our partner R-pharm.


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