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X jubilee congress of the Russian Arthroscopic Society

Devoted to the centenary of Zoya Sergeevna Mironova

Event dates: 13-15 May '13

Number of participants: 500

Event venue: Отель “Radisson sas Славянская” (Москва, пл. Европы, 2)

Dear participants, colleagues, and friends!

I am glad to welcome the guests and participants of the tenth jubilee congress of the Russian Arthroscopic Society. This congress is devoted to the centenary of Zoya Sergeevna Mironova – a founder of domestic sportive traumatology and one of the famous orthopedic surgeons of Russia.

Endoscopic joint surgery has firmly occupied the place of honor among advanced techniques in traumatology and orthopedics including sportive traumatology, where low invasive interventions and good functional outcomes are especially important. If few specialists mastered arthroscopic techniques some dozens years ago, at present this method for evaluation and treatment of joint pathology has been implemented in a broad medical practice. Scientific research in the field of arthroscopy has got a wide geographic coverage. Nevertheless, life poses new difficult problems before practicing trauma surgeons and orthopedists. Their solution requires knowledge of the newest methods and mastering the most reasonable operative techniques.

This is the reason why this congress is aimed at professional improvement of the Russian arthroscopists, and here they may participate in the training courses, the lectures on which the prominent experts in the field will deliver. 

Besides theoretical knowledge, the congress participants will get an opportunity to master practical skills in arthroscopic surgery at several workshops of domestic and foreign experts.

I am sure that participation in the Tenth congress of the Russian Arthroscopic Society will benefit to both surgeons and their patients.

I wish you efficient work, training and strengthening professional links. Welcome to the congress in Moscow!

Director of Central Scientific Research Institute 
of Traumatology and Orthopedics n. a. N.N. Priorov
President of the Russian Arthroscopic Society 
Academician of RAS and RAMS 
S.P. Mironov