XIV International scientific conference “Baltic forum on veterinary medicine and food supply security”

Event dates: 19-21 September '18

Number of participants: 800

Event venue: Hotel “Saint Petersburg” (St. Petersburg, Pirogovskaya emb., 5/2)

Program at a glance

Scientific program includes:

Master-classes and lectures from world-wide speakers in the following sessions:

  • Cardiology – speakers: Dr. Gerhard Wess (Germany), Dr. Oriol Domenech (Italy), Adrey Komolov (Moscow)
  • Dermatology – speaker: Anatoliy Albesko (St. Petersburg), Olga Stempovskaya (St. Petersburg)
  • Oncology - speakers: Dr. Aleksandra Marcinowska (Poland), PhD in biological sciences Eugene Kornushenkov (Moscow), c.b.s. Anna Kuznetcova (Moscow),  Nataliya Smirnova (Moscow)
  • Gastroenterology - speakers: Dr. Reto Neiger (Germany), Dr. Silke Salavati (Germany)
  • Nephrology - speakers: Dr. Christian Stengel (Germany), Dr. Reto Neiger (Germany)
  • Anesthesiology – speaker: Dmiriy Tamoshkin (St. Petersburg), Elena Maslova (St. Petersburg), Mariya Efimova (St. Petersburg), Alexander Medvedev (St. Petersburg)
  • Stomatology – speakers: Dr. Frank Verstraete (USA), Ivan Makarov (Moscow), Tatiana Kadyrova (St. Petersburg)
  • Therapy - speakers: Elena Solov’eva (Moscow), PhD in veterinary sciences Tatiana Komarova (Moscow), Irina Erina (St. Petersburg), Dr. Irina Prohorova (Moscow), PhD of veterinary sciences Ekaterina Karelina (Moscow)
  • Dogs reproduction – speaker: Imbert Gabriela (Moscow)
  • Exotic animals - speakers: Anastasia Vysokih (Moscow), Eugenia Bokova (Moscow)



Scientific sessions:

  • Sheep breeding, goat breeding and cheese-making (moderator Taisia Dmitrieva)
  • Animal husbandry (moderator professor PhD in agricultural sciences Artur Egiazaryan)
  • Aquaculture (moderator PhD in biological sciences, docent Marina Mihailova)



Also in conference programme planned:

  • International Poultry Forum (moderator Sergey Shabaev)
  • Celebration of 210th anniversary of higher veterinary education and 210th anniversary of founding of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Project of the ​Association practicing veterinarians «Dialogues about the profession with Dr. Sereda» (PhD in veterinary sciences Sergey Sereda)

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