Congress of the Russian Society of Radiology

Event dates: 08-10 November '17

Number of participants: 2500

Event venue: Congress Centre of the Moscow Government building (Russia, Moscow, Novy Arbat str. 36/9)

Program at a glance

Main Congress topics:

Medical imaging:

     - Mammology

     - Neurology and neurosurgery

     - Tuberculosis and Pulmonology

     - Cardiovascular diseases

     - Emergency diagnostics

     - Oncology

     - Pediatrics

     - Systemic diseases

• Nuclear Medicine

• Medical Physics

• Radiation therapy

• Ultrasound diagnostics

• Interventional Radiology

• Radiobiology, radiochemistry

• Informational technology, telemedicine

• Radiation hygiene and radiation safety

• Sessions for X-ray laboratory technicians


In Congress program:

• The meeting of the profile committee of Radiodiagnostics of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare

• Meetings of working groups: Clinical guidelines in X-ray diagnostics

• Workshops from companies

• Competition of young radiologists

• Interactive sessions

• An exhibition of leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, contrast agents

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