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Regional Interdisciplinary Practical Seminar «Issues of Care for HIV Infected Women and Their Children in St. Petersburg»

Event dates: 15 March '19

Number of participants: 200

Event venue: Hotel "Аngleterre" (24 Malaya Morskaya str., St. Petersburg, Russia)


  • Epidemiological situation of HIV infection among women, children and adolescents in St.Petersburg
  • Organization of care for HIV-positive women and children in St. Petersburg: results and prospects
  • Laboratory diagnosis of HIV infection in pregnant women and children. Regulated terms, interpretation of the results of the survey (according to SPb AIDS Center data)
  • Prevention and diagnosis of HIV infection in women and children (according to SPb AIDS Center)
  • Treatment and vaccination of HIV-infected children
  • Co-infection in HIV infected pregnant women and children: standards of care (according to SPb AIDS Center)
  • Social and psychological support for HIV-positive pregnant women, children and adolescents
  • Legal aspects of  care for women and children with HIV infection
  • The role of non-profit organizations in the medical care for HIV-infected women and their children