All-Russian scientifically-practical conference «Pending issues of etiotropic therapy of priority disease»

Event dates: 07-08 December '17

Number of participants: 500

Event venue: Hotel «Saint-Petersburg» ( St. Petersburg, Pirogovskaya emb. 5/2)

Rules of execution of abstracts

Abstracts should be sent only to Е-mail: as attached file in MS Word (each abstract should be sent as a separate file with the last name and initials of the first author). Please put in the the subject line: «Conference of Military Medical Academy 2017».

Please provide us your phone number and Е-mail

Once you submit materials please make sure your message has been delivered to the conference editorial board (a confirmation message will be sent to the E-mail address you provide).


Rules for abstracts:


Page Setup: А4 210х297 mm

Size: up to 1 page

Margin: 2,5 cm Font: Times New Roman

Type: 12

Line spacing: single



Last name and initials of the author (small letters), title (capital letters), city (small letters), country (small letters) shall be indicated.

Tables, formulas, and drawings are not published.

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