International neurosurgical forum and educational course of the WFNS

Event dates: 17-20 May '17

Number of participants: 550

Event venue: N.N. Burdenko National Scientific and Practical Center for Neurosurgery (Moscow, 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya str., 16)

Organizing committee
  • World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS)
  • Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia
  • Russian Association of Spinal Surgeons
  • N.N. Burdenko National Scientific And Practical Center For Neurosurgery of The Ministry  of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
  • SPb NGO  “People & Health”



Prof. Helmut Bertalanffy (Germany)

Chairman of the Education  & Training Committee of WFNS


Prof. Concencio di Rocco (Italy)

Chairman of the Education  & Training Committee of WFNS


Acad. Alexander Konovalov (Russia)

Honorary President of WFNS


Prof.  Basant Misra (India)

Secretary of WFNS


Acad. Alexander Potapov (Russia)

Member of the neuro-traumatic Committee of WFNS


Prof. Madjid Samii (Germany) 

Honorary President of WFNS


Prof. Amir Samii (Germany)

Treasurer Assistant of WFNS


Prof. Franco Servadei (Italy)

President-Elect of WNS


Prof. Yong-Kwang Tu (Taiwan) 

President of WFNS


Christophe Destrieux (France)

Professor  and  Neurosurgeon in Tours Medical School


Abdeslam El Khamlichi (Rabat, Morocco) 

Honorary President of the WFNS, Professor of Neurosurgery at the National Center for Rehabilitation and Neurosciences at the University Hospital Center of Rabat, Morocco


Kazadi Kalangu  (Harare, Zimbabwe)

Full Professor and Head of department of neurosurgery at the College of Health Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe


Leon Kaplan, (Jerusalem, Israel)

Director of Spine Surgery Unit at the Hadassah Hospitals


Yoko Kato, (Fujita, Japan)

Secretary and Consortium member of the WFNS, Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Fujita Health University


Luca Massimi, (Rome, Italy)

Neurosurgeon at  A. Gemelli  Hospital 


Patrick Mertens, (Lyon, France)

Head of the department Neurosurgery at Claude Bernard University Lyon 1


Arya Nabavi, (Hannover, Germany)

Deputy Director Neurosurgery, Director Image Guided Neurosurgical Therapy of the International Neuroscience Institute


Vincenzo Paterno, (Hannover, Germany)

Associate Neurosurgeon at the International Neuroscience Institute 



Stefan Schuko, (Zihlschlacht, Switzerland) 

 Chief of Department of rehabilitation of foreingers in specialized neurological center Zihlschlacht


Stefan Schuko, (Zihlschlacht, Switzerland)

Chief of Department of rehabilitation of foreingers in specialized neurological center Zihlschlacht


Marcos Tatagiba, (Tuebingen, Germany)

Chairman and Director of the Department of Neurosurgery of the University of Tübingen


Manfred Westphal, (Hamburg, Germany)

Clinical Director of Neurosurgery of the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf


Harel Deutsch, (Chicago, USA)

Associate Professor at Rush University in Chicago and Co-Director of the Rush Spine Cente


Thomas Freeman, (Tampa, USA)

Professor of the Department of Neurosurgery and Brain Repair of the College of Medicine, Medical Director of the Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair


Harry Shufflebarger, (Miami, USA)

Clinical Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at the University of Miami School of Medicine, Director of the Division of Pediatric Spinal Surgery at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital


Ross Moquin, (New York, USA)

Chief of Neurosurgery Department and Medical Director of Spinal Surgery at Crouse Hospital


Sergey Neckrysh, (Chicago, USA)

Assistant Professor and Chief of Spine Surgery Section at Medical College of University of Illinois at Chicago


Dean G. Karahalios, (Chicago, USA)

Director of Neurosciences Advocate HealthCare System


Michael Finn, (Denver, USA)

Neurosurgeon at  the Spine Center at University of Colorado Hospital

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